Ablaze The Movement is dedicated to awakening a generation in the Buffalo, New York and
surrounding region. Our greatest passion is to see young people trained, equipped, and released
to demonstrate the Kingdom of God. At a time when the hearts of a generation are being
captivated by the world, God is raising up a movement of young people that will be fascinated
more with Jesus and his presence than with what the world has to offer.
We exist for that very purpose!


Our strategy is four-fold: teach them the Word of God, equip them for their purpose, activate them in the gifts and power of God, and
release them to demonstrate God’s kingdom. With our various gatherings, Overflow conferences, Discipleship and Spiritual Gift
trainings, as well as local missions, we are touching and transforming youth throughout our city.


We believe strongly that every move of God needs a strong network of leaders that share the same vision. The movement
also consists of a collective of Youth Pastors and leaders that have a heart for our city, a passion for this generation,
and a willingness to unite. Our hearts desire is to see healthy, strong, effective youth ministries throughout our city.